National Science Foundation Science Grants

( *Currently Funded )

2016-2019: NSF Arctic: Collaborative Research: Influence of natural ice microstructure on rheology in general shear: In-situ studies in the Alaska Range; C Gerbi (PI), S Campbell, R Hawley, P Koons, K Kreutz (Co-PIs) ($420,937) * Link

2016-2017: NSF P2C2 #1502783: Geophysical Reconnaissance to expand ice core hydro-climate reconstructions in the Northeast Pacific; K Kreutz (PI), S Campbell (Co-PI) ($214,890) * Link

2014-2016: NSF Polar #1304905: What role do glaciers play in terrestrial sub-arctic hydrology? A Liljedahl (PI), R Hock, S Campbell (co-PIs) ($844,653) * Link

2015-2016: NSF Antarctic Glaciology: Allan Hills Englacial Site ice core site selection; N Spaulding (PI), H Conway, A Kurbatov, P Mayewski (Co-PI’s) S Campbell (Post-Doc) ($188,845) * Link

2014 – 2016: NSF Antarctic Glaciology #1341658: Constraining Plio-Pleistocene West Antarctic ice sheet behavior from the Ohio Range and Scott Glacier; S Mukhopadhyay (PI), R Ackert, S Campbell (Research Associate) ($582,113) * Link

National Science Foundation Infrastructure & Engineering Projects

( *Currently funded )

2016-2017: NSF Logistics: Reconnaissance of a new potential route to access McMurdo Ice Shelf from McMurdo Station. S Campbell (PI), N Lamie (Co-PI) ($85,357) *

2015-2016: NSF Logistics: Geophysical Survey of McMurdo Ice Shelf to determine current infrastructure stability and for future planning; S Campbell (PI), S Shoop, Z Courville (Co-PIs) ($98,500) *

2015-2016: NSF Logistics: Geotechnical Assessment for McMurdo Station Landscape and Infrastructure Improvements; R Affleck (PI), K Bjella, J Buska, S Campbell, J MacPherson (Co-PIs) ($197,427) *

2015-2016:  NSF Logistics: Crevasse Snow Bridge Strength: Extending Current Crevasse Crossing Criteria to the Arctic; Z Courville (PI), S Campbell, J Lever (Co-PI’s) ($55,000)

Other Projects

2014: BSEE Research Grant: Testing of Oil Skimmer Equipment Components for use in Arctic Environments; L Zabilansky (PI) S Campbell (co-PI), ($300,000) Link

2015-2016: BSEE: Quantitative Measurements of In-Situ burn efficiency and rate. P Panetta (PI), G Hewitt, S Campbell, L Zabilansky, A Rangwal (co-PIs) ($136,885)

2012 2014:  NSF P2C2 Research Grant #1204035: Reconstructing central Alaskan precipitation variability and atmospheric circulation during the past millennium; E Osterberg (PI), K Kreutz, S Birkel, C Wake (Co-PIs), S Campbell (PhD candidate) ($891,846)

2012 2013: NSF/PolarTREC Grant: S Campbell (PI) K Williams (Co-PI) ($28,500 estimated) Link

2015: National Geographic Waitt Grant: Developing a Holocene climate record for the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies in Patagonia and South Georgia Island; K Kreutz (PI), S Campbell (co-PI) ($11,952)